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March 17th 2013;
The first recordings for the new TijaD album have started! The concept album will be titled "Cognitive Dissonance". This album will feature lots of quieting acoustic guitar and piano parts but will certainly not be without TijaD's signature outbursts of relentless metal.

July 15th 2012;
A nice review came in from progrock e-zine Sea of Tranquility!

"The plaintive piano and guitars of "As Eurydice Lies Dying" that really provides a glimpse of how interesting TijaD's songwriting could become with more time to develop a more individual style. At the moment, the off kilter key changes and dark, melancholic harmony vocals scream of Akerfeldt and Co, but delve a little deeper and there's a hint of a very English, traditional, progressive hew underneath it all. Something the more modern, Scandinavian extreme prog that we have become used to in recent years, seldom possesses"

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March 21th 2012;

Here is review of "Zware metalen"

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March 3th 2012;

And the first review is in!  

"Zijn muziek is zo doorspekt van melancholie en melodie, dat hij nog zo veel grunts, death metal blasts en black metalatmosfeer in zijn progressieve mix van doom-death met 70s prog kan stoppen, het blijft allemaal uiterst gevoelig, sfeervol en met passie"

Big thanks to Lords of Metal!

The complete review Orpheus Lords Of Metal E-zine

January 6th 2012;
After careful consideration Wouter decided to not continue as Libethra's bassist as he needed to focus on a new study. We all wish you best of luck in your future (musical) ventures!

December 30th 2011;
TijaD is proud to announce that Orpheus is now officially released! I would like to thank everybody that helped me out finishing this project! I could not have managed this alone! If you want to have a listen go here.

December 13th 2011;
OK everybody you can stop sending emails; we got ourselves a bass player. We are proud to present Wouter as the latest addition to Libethra!

May 5th 2011;
Bass player wanted (bassist gezocht)

We are currently looking for a bass player to join the new progressive metal band Libethra. We practise in Rotterdam. If you are a capable and creative base player and into our approach to progressive metal please send us a track or link to demonstrate your style. Email; tijad.progmetal@gmail.com

February 16th 2011
Libetha started working on its first album. This album will be better adapted to be performed live when compared to the previous recordings of TijaD. The songs will be more tailored around guitar riffs and will contain less layers of organs, violins and such. We don't want to spoil to much information yet, but the album will be named "Zondvloed". The lyrics will be about the complex relationship The Netherlands has with the North sea that can be both giving and deadly.

November 28th 2010;
TijaD won the "Drechtsteden bezongen" composition contest with a 30 second composition named "BimBamBom". I understand this is not a very trustworthy review because I wrote it myself but I won so I guess they must have liked the tune. The song will be played regularly next coming half year by the carillons of Dordrecht, Sliedrecht and Zwijndrecht. So now you know for whom the bell tolls!